Find out the file name of a module from inside the module?

Christian Tismer tismer at
Mon Aug 9 15:41:12 CEST 2004

Andreas Neudecker wrote:

> Hi.
> I know you can read the filename of a program as sys.argv[0]. But what 
> about modules? Is there a similar way to find out the file name of a 
> module (called by some other module or program) from inside this module?

If your modules knows that it is a module, it can inspect its
__file__ attribute.
You can find out whether you have been imported by testing
whether there is a __file__ attribute, otherwise you are
probably executed, and there is no name available.

     fname = __file__
except NameError:
     fname = "?"

In cases where you absolutely need a file name, and if you know
that you are also used as a module, you can of course import
yourself, in order to get the file name. This implies the need
to know your module name, which doesn't make things so much better:

# assuming this is MyModule
import MyModule
fname = MyModule.__file__
del MyModule

Or even shorter:

from MyModule import __file__ as fname

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