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Daniel Yoo dyoo at
Tue Aug 17 03:04:13 CEST 2004

Carol Carrot <CarolCarrot at> wrote:

[exhasperated Mailman rant cut]

Hi Carol,

Your question isn't really related to Python: Python's just the
implementation language for Mailman.  A better bet is to ask your
question on "Mailman Users":

where you can get help from dozens of other long-suffering Mailman

: I'm trying to get a header to get attached tot he email. it gets stripped
: from the email, whwere as the footer comes in as an attachment.
: all this is buried under "non-digest" options for some crazy reason.

Having a header is dependent on how messages are delivered.  In digest
mode, messages are bundled and delivered as a single message.  Sending
the same header, over and over in the bulk-message, would not be a
good idea.

So that's why there is a separate variable option that describes the
header for non-digest messages (msg_header), and one for digest
messages (digest_header).  I guess it might make sense to have a
separate "Header/Footer" configuration menu, but that's a user
interface issue.

: How do I get the header to work?

Did you update the 'msg_header' variable?

Please continue your questions on the 'Mailman Users' mailing list;
you should get better help from them.

Good luck to you!

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