ANN: Python MegaTypes

aum spam at no.thanks
Mon Aug 23 05:09:20 CEST 2004


This is more of a pre-announcement actually.

I'm developing a module called 'megatypes', which wraps the
python builtin types such as 'str', 'int', 'long' into turbo-charged

A working version of what I've done so far, together with manual and 
examples, is at:

Example tidbit:

   >>> s = Str("Hello, world")
   >>> s.dice(3)
   ['Hel', 'lo,', ' wo', 'rld']

If anyone likes the concept, and wants to inject creative ideas (and 
preferably code as well), please let me know, and I'll open up a 
Sourceforge project for it.

Email address - david at freenet dot org dot nz


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