Standalone Python Programs...

simo simoninusa2001 at
Sat Aug 7 01:48:37 CEST 2004

Grant Edwards <grante at> wrote:

> Same here.  I've used py2exe + Inno Setup for a handfull of
> small wxPython applications and it's all worked quite nicely.

Same here too, InnoSetup is especially useful if you need to bundle
auxilliary files like icons, images, ChangeLogs etc. or make
desktop/startbar shortcuts.

I think py2exe is perfect, cx_Freeze is still not 100%

> > I can't speak to Linux installations because I have always
> > just used the Python installation already there.

> Yup.

I tried McMillan Installer on Linux, and had little success - because
even if you get the binary to build, it usually has .so dependency
issues - basically you need wxWidgets or GTK+ or whatever installed on
top of any Python you've coded.

I've falling back to providing the source and leaving it as an
exercise to the user to install all the Python modules they may not
have in their base install.

One of the attractions of IronPython is that you can build a single
.exe (or .bin on Linux I guess?) although the user still needs the CLR
runtime installed.

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