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Ville Vainio ville at
Mon Aug 23 16:49:04 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Phanish" == Phanish  <phanish.tubagere at> writes:

    Phanish> which inturns calls c++ client stubs. These stubs are
    Phanish> CORBA stubs which talk to a CORBA server residing some
    Phanish> where in the network.  I want to know as to whether it is
    Phanish> feasible to use Python or just live with c++ for UI and
    Phanish> stubs?

One thing you may not yet know is that Python absolutely rocks for
CORBA - seeing how elegant CORBA can be is one of the reasons I
decided to check out Python in the first place. OmniORB is the ORB I
would check out first if I were you...

    Phanish> Is it good to use Python for this purpose? What is the
    Phanish> advantage?

Well, you should just try implementing it in Python. Try something
like PythonCard + OmniORB combo. If you can get it done in 2 days, you
will know that you have a winner in your hands :-).

Advantages: maintainability and, deriving from that,
flexibility/modifiability. You are much more likely to even consider
modifying an existing Py program than a C++ program. C++ programs are
best left alone once they reach something resembling a functional

Ville Vainio

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