file access in jythonc

John Howard python473 at
Tue Aug 31 00:06:44 CEST 2004

python473 at (John Howard) wrote in message news:<9eabe547.0408210611.d5e54f7 at>...
> I have the following in a jythonc program to be executed in a html
> file.
> f1 = open("filename","r")
> I get message about filePermission read error. Program compiles and
> jar file is created. Just the html code gives message.
> Any ideas?

I've looked up the references below and done several searches of
filepermissions. It seems to me that for jythonc to have any use in
development of "practical" products, programs have to be able to
access local files easily. If not, then this, in my opinion, is going
to be a MAJOR issue for jython!! I love the syntax and ease of
programming in python, but if it cannot be used for useful programs,
why bother?! BTW, how does java handle this? Is the same problem there

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