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John Hunter jdhunter at
Wed Aug 4 19:14:43 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Aaron" == Aaron Bingham <bingham at> writes:

    Aaron> I've been looking at Piddle
    Aaron> ( and it appears we could
    Aaron> write a backend to support our barcode printer with extra
    Aaron> methods for higher-level entities, but I'm reluctant
    Aaron> committing to apparent abandonware. Does anyone have
    Aaron> experience doing similar things with Piddle?  Are there any
    Aaron> plans to maintain/enhance/replace Piddle?  Are there other
    Aaron> packages I should look at?

While piddle may very well serve your purposes, you may want to
consider using a more active project.  The last piddle update was in

I am the author of matplotlib - a 2D plotting library for python.
Like piddle, it is organized around various backends.  It is a very
active project, with a number of developers who make regular
contributions in addition to myself.  We have PS/EPS, SVG, wxpython,
gtk, tkinter, agg (pngs) and more.  It is fairly easy to write a new
backend if you need to for your barcode printer (4 backends are user

You could create your barcode using the matplotlib drawing/plotting
functions, or by working directly with the matplotlib drawing
primitives, and then display them in the hardcopy or GUI backend of
your choice.


    Template for backend writers:


With matplotlib, you have full control over all line properties --
line width, color, dash styles, cap and join styles, etc.. -- as well
as nice rendering features not found in many older drawing libraries
(alpha, antialiasing).


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