autocoding and the new MS book regarding software factories

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Sun Aug 15 09:01:40 CEST 2004

On Sun, 15 Aug 2004, threeseas wrote:

>(CLI #1) + (GUI) + (IPC) = the three primary UIs which is like paint
>having three primary colors, for which you can create any color in the
>spectrum. Take away one and you greatly limit what you can do... ok..
>using these three primary UIs in processing the (CLI #2) it becomes
>possible and probable that an autocoding environment can and will be
>additionally by adding a voice to text interface to the CLI #1 you can
>achieve the ability of the end user/consumer to ask for a program to be
>created and the system will do it.
>by patenting it..... all your base will be owned by MS... do a google
>search in "autocoding" and be sure to set aside any arrogance and
>ignorance you may and probably do have.
>Anyway, since there are those controlling python coders that don't like
>me....  thought I'd post this. And to the GNU group.... Sorry RMS, but
>software just ain't free untill anyone can easily create or cause the
>computer to create it for them... for FREE... And real software
>engineers that believe in the Free Software Foundation, FOSS, GPL, etc..
>will understand this...

Well, there is no scientific foundation and in fact science tells us that
autocoding is not possible for arbitrary tasks. I believe, it is possible to
create autocoding (automatically generated) software for any little enough
problem domain, maybe, say, for writing GUI. However there is theoretical
abyss between modern computers and humans. It is called formalisation.
Only programmer's brain is capable to cross this abyss formalising any
non-trivial novel task.

And for trivial task we already have an interface:

$ grep -i word file | sort | uniq | wc

Saying the above, I must admit that more tasks become trivial as new
instruments arrive. So, programming users (CP4A anybody?) can
solve their 90% of their tasks by almost mechanical combination
of existing tools.


I imaging Year 2015:

 - by your command
GvR: (standing at his computer)
 - computer, make Python 3.0 release. The grammar I sketched
   on the paper in the scanner. Please guess semantics.
   If in doubt post to c.l.p a question. If c.l.p in doubt make a
   poll. If in doubt of poll results make another poll on how to
   interpret poll results.
 - YES, SIR!
 - Good.
(after half an our)

  - I need your help
  - yes?
  - please affirm you want to pay $10k for the Microsoft license
  and also Python 3 violates 20 patents.
  - Oh no!... (calling sponsors)
(after half an hour)
  - Python 3 ready. Total cost $21k.
  (typing "python3" at his terminal)
  - Oh... But this is #D...
  - under given constraints this is the best solution. C.l.p poll
  shows 52% of people support this as it is familiar to them.
  (upset, playing with his time machine controls)
(1 minute later)
  - there is another option
  - What?
  - freeware aka OSS

Sincerely yours, Roman Suzi
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