100 % portable ?

Vent d'Est - East Wind po-yung.liu at pandora.be
Mon Aug 23 18:56:19 CEST 2004

>     http://dotamatic.sf.net
>     http://bitpim.org
> Both are open source so you can see for yourself.  Both use the
> clipboard, do printing, have online help, are distributed so
> that the user doesn't need Python on their machine already etc.
> Roger 

i see your website , but i see for mac os x you using cocoa interfacing
i don't understand isnt WXpython from WXwindow and have in all system
same apparence ?

same for linux i see a like kde 2 interfacing using

seems each you use each interface of each system
(and not just one for every system)

is that only using wxpython or add some other graphic toolkit port and 
using cocoa , kde interface ?

thankx for reply

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