ANN: Python Decrypt PDF script -- builds on pdftools

David Boddie davidb at
Fri Aug 20 13:50:12 CEST 2004

follower at (Follower) wrote in message news:<mailman.1868.1092839116.5135.python-announce-list at>...

> I wanted to extract the meta-data from an encrypted/protected PDF file
> and could not find any Python scripts to do this. So, I decided to
> write something myself, the result follows.
> This demonstration utility requires the `pdftools` files from
> <> but the
> decryption functions themselves should be usable with other Python PDF
> libraries.

I'm glad that someone found the tools useful. :-)
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any protected PDF files to test your script
out on. Can you provide some URLs?

> Documentation is marginal and all I can say is that worked on the
> three PDF files I tested it on... :-)

Do you want to supply a patch for pdftools to allow these sorts of files
to be supported transparently?


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