python cgi speedup on iis

Charlie Taylor charlie at
Wed Aug 25 03:22:36 CEST 2004

Charlie Taylor wrote:
>> I'm looking for advice on how to speed up python cgi on Windows IIS ...

Gilles Lenfant wrote:
>Use the excellent pywin32
>Look at the help in the "ASP and Python" section that shows how to register
>Python as ASP engine...

pywin32 ASP turned out to be EXACTLY what I needed.

It took very little effort to convert my CGI scripts, and the performance
boost was terrific.

There are a few nagging issues regarding the reload of modified modules.
The ASP engine often overlooks changed pyc files and therefore does not
reload the modified modules (this requires IIS restarts), however, it is
very good at detecting changes to the ASP files themselves.  I've taken to
debugging imported modules via CGI scripts to get around having to restart

Anyway, pywin32 ASP was an excellent suggestion... thank you Gilles.


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