J2 proposal: keyword

Paul Rubin http
Sun Aug 22 20:28:57 CEST 2004

"Robert Brewer" <fumanchu at amor.org> writes:
> -Candidates for keywords have fallen into two or three camps, and
> emphasize different aspects of decorators: 
> -Declarative: declare, predef, moddef 
> -Transformative: transform, wrap, modify, mutate 
> -Attributive/Annotative: amend, using, having 
> -Directive: pragma, signify 
> -Associative: helper, qualify, qual, meta 
> -Cross-cutting: imbue, endow, bestow, embellish, extend, accum, glom,
> confer
> -Prepositions/Adverbs: using, through, per, via, by

Not sure where these would go: prologue, preamble, preface 

How about something like "def_using"?

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