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Sat Aug 21 19:16:57 CEST 2004

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> "Arthur T. Murray" wrote:
>>Now, suppose that you wanted to write an AI in Python that would
>>implement your mind-model and allow it to grow, mutate, develop.
>>Here is one possible scenario.
> http://www.nothingisreal.com/mentifex

its a good thing we all use our minds alike, huh?

Oh wait, so why doesn't Arthur slander or libel himself?

In other words: regardless of whatever I may think of Arthur, he may 
actually be applying effort to understand his own unique use of the mind 
and then to code a mirror of it.

But this doesn't mean his effort is invalid (even considering the 
difficultly cause by being inherently subjective), but only that it is 
different than the way you use your mind. Do you fit the norm?

There are plenty of examples in human history where such non-standard 
direction and use of the mind brought the whole race improvment in 
living standards and enjoyment of life.

L. Da Vinci..... how did he use his mind to do all that he did?

Passon is another quality.

Perhaps the question to ask is: Does the code run?

I think that is about all that is required as qualifying to post in a 
usenet comp.lang newsgroup.

As to negative responses to his posting to usenet.... it only shows that 
there are more who prefer to act like some animal, a dog perhaps, trying 
to bury their favorite bone.

The point is:

its only a matter of time before people on teh internet become 
experienced enough with what to expect that such psuedo FAQs and the 
likes are realized for what they are. Attempts to control the thought 
process of others whom they probably don't know.

Maybe like how the roman numeral accountants promoted "how can nothing 
have value? what such a foolish contridiction" in reference to the zero 
place holder. And done so in order to protect their position/status in 
society and the rewards of it, if not just their own self programming of 
their minds.

Imagine, if you are capable of it, that the human mind is programmable.
What program do you have running?

I can't say I understand what Arthur is on about and I don't believe its 
possible to create anything more than the illusion of intelligence in 
machine, but he has never done anything to put me on a negative side 
against him.

And if I don't want to read his posting, well then nobody is forcing me 
to. I know how to exercise "choice"! All those who feel that they must 
suppress others via the generation of attacks upon them...... well they 
appear less capable of using their minds. What sort of AI reflection of 
their own minds would they create?

Or is there no "I"ntelligence in their obvious "A"rtificialness.

This is a python language newsgroup, but clearly there are those who 
want it to be more constrained than that. There are those who want it to 
become either what they want it to be or a negative septic tank, of 
which either way its a "my way of no way" line of crap.

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