Larry Wall & Cults

Tassilo v. Parseval tassilo.von.parseval at
Thu Aug 26 09:49:48 CEST 2004

Also sprach Johnny:

> xah at (Xah Lee) wrote in message news:<7fe97cc4.0408251356.34f2102a at>...
>> How can we prevent heinous cults then? Stop bending truths. Education
>> and rationalism. I'm starting my own cult to exterminate morons on
>> this earth.  Two things are on the top of my agenda: Unixism and Perl.
> I bet Larry Wall's life insurance premiums just skyrocketed. 

It would, if anyone could take Xah Lee Loo seriously. But really, no one
can. He's more like the court jester, creeping out of the dark every so
and so months. We're all very much enjoying his sporadic shows. Really. 



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