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Eric Pederson whereU at
Tue Aug 17 04:16:15 CEST 2004

> Elaine Jackson wrote:

> > Is there such a thing as an executable language for music? If not, why
> > not? And
> > if yes, where can I find it? Naturally the ideal thing would be if
> > such a
> > language were implemented within python, but I would be willing to
> > learn a
> > lesser programming language if I had a reasonable assurance that it
> > had what I'm
> > looking for. 

There is some interesting stuff out there:

Check out the Python sounds project:

Also, there is AthenaCL which I believe is both written in Python and Python scriptable, although I have not had time to play with it:

I think there are also more routine libraries that just manipulate sound waves, etc.

What do you want to do with music?  (talk about an interesting data set!)

Eric P.


Eric Pederson
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