Why I love python.

Reinhold Birkenfeld reinhold-birkenfeld-nospam at wolke7.net
Fri Aug 13 12:19:25 CEST 2004

Reinhold Birkenfeld wrote:
> Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
>> Nick Patavalis wrote:
>> <snip>
>>> Python needs drastic performance improvement if it is to scrap-off the
>>> "scripting language" stigma. The only way to get these improvements is
>>> making it possible for a python implementation to produce *efficient*
>>> *compiled* code. At the same time the dynamic-typing nature of the
>>> language is one of its most valuable characteristics. And this is one
>>> of the hardest problems when trying to write a decent python
>>> compiler. If you define a function like:
>>>   def sum (a, b):
>>>     return a + b
>>> How can the compiler know what code to produce? 
>> I know of at least one language which has solved this problem, Ocaml
>>     http://www.ocaml.org/
>> Its called type inferencing and since there is at least one working 
>> implementation, it can't be THAT hard.
> Refer to the task "Typed Python" somewhere in the past if you want more
> information about Python and Type inferencing.



Wenn eine Linuxdistribution so wenig brauchbare Software wie Windows
mitbrächte, wäre das bedauerlich.  Was bei Windows der Umfang eines
"kompletten Betriebssystems" ist, nennt man bei Linux eine Rescuedisk.
  -- David Kastrup in de.comp.os.unix.linux.misc

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