File System

Maboroshi antispam
Tue Aug 31 05:11:36 CEST 2004

Hi I was curious

I was interested in finding out from Programmers and Computer Users - If
they were to completely rebuild there Computers Filing System How would it

I believe since the advent of the PC we have been brainwashed (In a Sense
cause nothings really Changed ( at least as far as I know )  to have a
filesystem that is structured in this way Open a Folder open its contents
open another folder open its contents open a file move a file delete a file
move a folder delete a folder you get the idea

I believe this structure is much like an array or a multidimensional array
if you were to put it in that respect

    are most (if not all) databases like this

I believe there is a better way and I want to find it I also believe if
there is a better way it could totally change our approach to programming

I know this isn't neccessarily a python question but it has to do with
future research that will benefit the Python Language plus I like to hear
the opinions of the Python Community which I have a lot of respect for



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