How big can a Python program be?

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Tue Aug 17 15:09:44 CEST 2004

Unless I've misremembered, the Python interpreter executes lines as they're
entered, whether read from a file or typed in (with the exception that
blocks of code made up of multiple lines are executed when the last line is
complete), so in theory, one could feed code to Python indefinitely and it'd
just keep going.  If the execution of those lines doesn't continually
require more memory, then arguably one answer is "as long as you have CPU
time to interpret it".


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> Hi,
> A C program can be hundreds of thousands lines of code big.
> C++ millions.
> How about Python?
> Suppose , you are a sole programmer (lonewolf). How many lines
> can one handle?
> Thanks,
> jan bodnar
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