age of Python programmers

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Mon Aug 23 18:28:46 CEST 2004

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> I'm 28. Have been using python for just one year.  I was first 
> introduced to programming when I'm in 11 with 6502 machine (Apple II and 
> Oric-I)
> So far I have 2 epiphany in my programming life. The first time is when 
> I finished chapther 3 of the Design Patterns book.
> The second time is when I finished my first non-trivial python program.
> BTW, The histrogram suggest that python is not being used as the first 
> programming language as much as it should be.
> >
> > I spotted some errors in your list, added new entries, and made a 
> > histogram:
> >

I am 35. I discovered Python like 2 weeks ago, so I am nor a Python
programmer neither a programmer. But if I compare my very short
Pythonesque user experience to the pointless Basic and VB efforts in
the previous decades, then I know that Python will stay with me for a
long time, so count me in, won't you?

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