Help req: py2exe's compiled executables only working with XP

Kylotan kylotan at
Sun Aug 29 16:02:44 CEST 2004

mattjensen at (Matthew K Jensen) wrote in message news:<173c23bb.0408282105.4cd76e07 at>...
> I am a young programmer with his big break on the line. For some
> reason, small apps that I've written and compiled on an XP machine
> won't work on anything but XP machines.

A better definition of what is going wrong than "won't work" is
needed. Do the apps not run at all? Do they crash? Can you view the
standard output/error streams to see if something is being written

Bear in mind that py2exe doesn't produce compiled executables like
those a C++ compiler might. It's more of an executable archive and all
the files are right there. You can even open it up in an archiving
program to check that all the relevant dlls and so on are added.
Running a dependency-checker tool on some of those might reveal that
you're relying on XP-only features, although that's usually evident
from the Python code.

Ben Sizer

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