xmlrpclib or twisted?

Andy Gross andy at andygross.org
Mon Dec 6 18:56:34 CET 2004

If you're not concerned about interoperability with other languages and 
are already using Twisted, I'd go with PB.  Especially if you are using 
complicated datatypes that have to be serialized and sent over the wire 
- PB has a nice Cacheable type that doesn't serialize the whole object. 
  XMLRPC on the other hand is a little simpler and will work with 
third-party stuff.


On Dec 6, 2004, at 5:11 AM, flupke wrote:

> Hi,
> previously i made an application that used sockets to
> do some network based processing.
> My next app is again going to be a client/server app
> and i wanted to see if i can't find an easier way to
> make the networking going.
> I bumped into xmlrpclib and also twisted (pb).
> I'm not sure which on of these would suit my needs better.
> I am planning to build a web GUI for the client so if i
> use twisted, i would already have the components in there
> to do so, so this could be a plus for twisted.
> The client will connect to the server to receive data.
> The data is the result of one of several queries and these raw
> results would then be displayed in the client via a webgui or
> wxPython. (leaning towards webgui)
> Any other ideas?
> Thanks
> Benedict
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