Newbie namespace question

Peter Hansen peter at
Wed Dec 22 21:27:38 CET 2004

deelan wrote:
> i believe that to avoid circular refs errors remember you can 
> lazy-import,  for example here i'm importing the email package:
>>>> m = __import__('email')
>>>> m
> <module 'email' from 'C:\Python\lib\email\__init__.pyc'>
> check help(__import__) for futher details.

I'm not sure what you think that does, but I don't
think it does it.

The code you show above is no more "lazy" than a simple
"import email as m" would have been, I believe.

All statements are executed as they are encountered
during import, so any that are no inside a function
or class definition, or protected by a conditional
control structure in some way, will be executed right
away, rather than lazily.

I may have misinterpreted what you were trying to say...


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