Cool object trick

Alex Stapleton alexs at
Fri Dec 17 11:12:19 CET 2004

Steven Bethard wrote:
> Alex Stapleton wrote:
>> you are setting the variable name in your code (b.varA), not 
>> generating the variable name in a string (var = "varA") (dictionary 
>> key) at run-time and fetching it from the __dict__ like i was 
>> attempting to describe.
> Ahh.  Well if you just want to get an attribute, I don't see why you 
> wouldn't do it the normal way:
>  >>> b = Bunch(varA="Hello!")
>  >>> getattr(b, "varA")
> 'Hello!'
> That's what getattr's for. ;)  No need to go poking around in __dict__.
> Steve

Hmm true, (i had forgotten about getattr :/) in that case im indifferent 
to Bunch() not that i really see why it's useful except for making code 
look a bit nicer occasionaly.

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