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A: What's the most obnoxious thing on Usenet?
Q: topposting.

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>> no it was a sideways remark at all the software socialists that thing
>> EVERYTHING should be free, never said anything about Eclipse, just the
>> people that insist ALL software should be free.
> Interesting.  I've never met anyone like that.  If they are in high tech, 
> they must be hardware people, otherwise how would they make a living?  And 
> I'm not sure "socialists" is the correct term in this case, it sounds to me 
> more like "communists".  Or "liberals" for our friends in the US.

I have. They make a living supporting free software. Take a look at and for an example (to be clear, I am *not*
claiming that the folks at zope believe that all software should be
free. Merely that they make a living off software they give away for
free.) There have been other examples of such before. There was a
group that made a living porting GCC to vender-specific hardware
platforms, one condition being that the port wound up in the GCC
suite. I believe they got bought by redhat.

Phillip Greenspun once ran a company on this model as well. It did
well until the venture capatalists took it over. You can read his
views on software pricing at <URL: >.

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