PyQT installation

Nanoscalesoft jctobin at
Wed Dec 29 20:27:42 EST 2004

hello all,
I am planning to start coding a nanoscale design software in
python with QT interface.I have to do this in windows or linux.Intially
windows would be fine.
I have struggled almost full day today trying to make
from import qt *
execute...........................I have the basic python core. I went
through the sites like riverbankcomputing and trolltech and few online
pages and books which talk about PyQT but never say about their
installation step properly.
I need to know step by step what shud i do.I have also installed
the windows binary of PyQT from riverbank and have ordered a QTdesigner
CD.But i can't wait.I need to do this fast.(Is there any other thing i
have to do)
Any clean and clear cut info in linux or windows( as I hope this
as the groups standard to be) would help me start my nanoscale project
or otherwise i have to rethink the GUI..Common QT is my favourite i
need my project work to be done on my favourite thing.


(doing an example program wud be a welcome sweeet)

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