PySQLite Table indexing inside a functions

Kevin kmcbrearty at
Thu Dec 2 23:29:52 CET 2004

Hello Everyone,

I'm using PySQLite and would like to index this insert
statement with the 'tablename'.  Can anyone offer a

Also, this is a shot in the dark.  Has anyone done
anything with nested fields.  I would like each vertex
to have 3 points.  currently, I'm just making 3


def PARSE2DB(data,tablename):
    i = j = k = 0
    cadu = GETdb().cursor()
    FacetNum = len(data [1])
    while i < FacetNum:
			insert into table = 'tablename'( V1_x, V1_y, V1_z,
V2_x, V2_y, V2_z,
						     V3_x, V3_y, V3_z, N_x, N_y, N_z)
					values(%f, %f, %f, %f, %f, %f, %f, %f, %f, %f,
%f, %f)
				(data [1][i][1][0][0], data [1][i][1][0][1],data
			 	data [1][i][1][1][0], data [1][i][1][1][1],data
                   	data [1][i][1][2][0], data
[1][i][1][2][1],data [1][i][1][2][2],
                   	data [1][i][0][0], data
[1][i][0][1], data [1][i][0][2])
		i = i + 1


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