Is there a better way of listing Windows shares other than us ing "os.listdir"

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Thu Dec 30 11:54:03 CET 2004

[Doran_Dermot at]

| I'm currently using "os.listdir" to obtain the contents of 
| some slow Windows shares.  I think I've seen another way of 
| doing this using the win32 library but I can't find the 
| example anymore.

It may be FindFilesIterator, recently added to the win32file
module in pywin32. I don't know if it's any more efficient
than an os.listdir (which may use it under the covers, for
all I know) but it certainly works:

import win32file

for file_data in win32file.FindFilesIterator ("c:/temp/*"):
  ( attr, ctime, atime, wtime, 
    size_hi, size_lo, r0, r1, 
    longname, shortname
  ) = file_data
  print longname


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