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Trent Mick trentm at
Fri Dec 3 19:44:29 CET 2004

Jean Brouwers wrote:
> PPS) It looks like Python 2.4 and Python 2.3 can not co-exist (in
> different folders under Program Files) but we did not investigate that
> any further.

That's not true. I have every version of Python back to 2.0 installed 
and all running fine on my system. Obviously you can only have one of 
your Python installations first on your PATH (and hence the one that 
gets run by simply typing "python"). Also, you can only have one of you 
Python installations registered as the default handler for .py files 
(and hence the one that gets run by simple double-clicking on a .py file 
in explorer or running a Python script without the extension from the 
command line).

It is also possible that there is some little installer bug or detail on 
  your environment that is causing the problem. You could try 
ActivePython. I regularly install and uninstall ActivePython 2.3 and 2.4 
installers and both installs are still working fine.


Trent Mick
trentm at

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