Python for Palm OS?

'Dang' Daniel Griffith google0 at
Wed Dec 8 12:00:09 CET 2004

On Wed, 08 Dec 2004 04:48:42 GMT, Maurice LING <mauriceling at>

>As mentioned, since Pippy is pretty old or rather based on rather old 
>code base, can it be assumed that not much is happening at this front?
>This might be dumb to ask then, does anyone know if Pippy had been used 
>in any noticeable form for Palm development anywhere? Or it's more of an 
>proof of concept kind of thing? Or has anyone envisioned anything?
I think their web site (at one time, at least) explicitly said they
had stopped development of Pippy.  I use it on rare occasions when I
need a programmable calculator.  But since it only supports 32-bit
integer math, i.e., not float or long, that's a pretty limited
occasion.  It appears to have access to Palm "form" capabilities, but
I was never able to figure out how they work.  The docs are a little
light.  Still, I'm impressed that they got it there in the first
place.  I also saw the Lua port, but have not installed it, yet.  I
was too busy with Carmen Electra.  Or, at least, envisioning Carmen
Electra.  ;-)

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