SOAPpy/ZSI/Twisted SOAP over stdin/stdout?

Harry George at
Wed Dec 1 16:39:28 CET 2004

Harry George < at> writes:

> Normally the SOAP Servers are designed to take control of a port and
> run their own sockets via inheritance from SocktServer.
> But under inetd and xinetd, the port is controlled elsewhere and the
> service just gets the stdin/stdout. I need to configure (or tweak) one
> of the SOAP servers to use that connection.
> Has anyone done this with any of the above named SOAP servers?
> Recommmendations or hints if I try it myself?

First, thanks for the hints - I definitely want to investigate Twisted
"basic".  Second, I've solved it by doing an xinetd "redirect".  Do
external control on one port, then pass the data to an internal-only
port which is watched by the SOAP server.

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