Is Python good for graphics?

Esmail Bonakdarian ebonakDUH at
Wed Dec 15 22:33:31 CET 2004

First of all, I *really* like Python ;-)

I need some help with the graphical side of things. I would like to do
some basic graphics with Python, but I am not sure what the best/most
effective way for me to do what I want.

Basically, I would like to be able to create some basic animations
where I can help visualize various sorting algorithms (for instance
or graph searches (coloring nodes as each gets visited). (Something
like this:

Or to create and manipulate programmatically a simple 2-D block puzzle
(like this:

Note, the ability to do this via the web would be nice, but definitely
is *not* required at the moment.

These would be used to help in learning/teaching.

I am aware of Tkinter and wxPython (by aware I mean I know of their
existence :-) Before investing (a lot?) of time to learn these, I
thought I’d ask the more experienced folks around here what would be
the best way to invest my time to get basic graphics going.

I really am not concerned so much with efficiency as easy of use.

Can anyone recommend what would suit my rather limited needs best?
Are there other graphics libraries I should consider that would be
more suitable?

Or is Python not the way to go for this?



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