High level SNMP

Ilya Etingof ilya at cray.glas.net
Thu Dec 16 22:10:32 CET 2004

Jeremy Sanders <jeremy+plusnews at jeremysanders.net> wrote:
> On Thu, 09 Dec 2004 15:34:14 +0200, Petri Laakso wrote:


> The old versions of PySNMP (version 2.XX), seem to be a lot simpler to
> use than later ones, so I might do that. That's if I can work out how to

Recent versions tend to be more complex because they're following SNMPv3
model, which is complex. However, a simplistic high-level layer is
scheduled for implementation.

> convert the random string it produces to a floating point number. Somehow
> it manages to gain 3 bytes over a float...

Basic SNMP types don't seem to include floating point numbers. Maybe you're
decoding something defined by a TEXTUAL-CONVENTION at a MIB? The protocol
(for packing floating point value into some native SNMP type) might be 
specified by the TC then.

If you provide more details I'm willing to help.


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