input record seperator (equivalent of "$|" of perl)

Doug Holton insert at
Mon Dec 20 00:39:31 CET 2004

les_ander at wrote:

> Hi,
> I know that i can do readline() from a file object.
> However, how can I read till a specific seperator?
> for exmple,
> if my files are
> name
> profession
> id
> #
> name2
> profession3
> id2
> I would like to read this file as a record.
> I can do this in perl by defining a record seperator;
> is there an equivalent in python? 
> thanks

To actually answer your question, there is no equivalent to $| in python.

You need to hand code your own record parser, or else read in the whole 
contents of the file and use the string split method to chop it up into 

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