Best book on Python?

Adil Hasan hasan at
Mon Dec 13 01:47:48 CET 2004

        Just my 2 farthings worth...
 Although Python and Tkinter is a good book it was written at the time of
 Python 1.5 (so there may be some transformation that needs to be done
 on some of the examples) you may want to take a look at Python in 
 a Nutshell by A. Martelli published by O'Reilly. It has a section on
 Tkinter and many other things that you may find useful.

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004, Rod Haper wrote:

> Michael McGarry wrote:
> > I have many years of programming experience and know a little bit of 
> > Tcl. I am looking for a book to detail on the features including GUI in 
> > a reference style.
> Given that you have some acquaintance with Tcl, if you want a reference 
> that caters toward GUI programming in Python using Tk, you might find 
> this book of interest: "Python and Tkinter Programming" by John Grayson. 
>   Manning Publications, 2000, 658p
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