Best GUI for small-scale accounting app?

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Mon Dec 20 17:55:40 CET 2004

( sorry about top posting)

1. Ever avoid web based. unless you have to do it webbased. I've been doing
web based apps for 5 years now. it simple don't pay off! usability within a
browser sucks, unless you can spend time re-writting the whell on
javascript. then you have to deal with things like the back button going to
a POST page, user cancel actions... it simple don't pay off unless you
really has to access it from diferent machines. But ok, i think this will
became a flame war if i go on...

2. from my ridiculously short experience with python-client-sided: gtk is
way too clumsy. wxWindows has a weird way of handling events and such. tk is
very simple. Qt i didn't even considered because of license and mainly
because it's less cross plataform then java ;-)
So. i did all my programs in tk. But i subclassed a lot so in the future it
would be easy to just snap in another gui toolkit.

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Bulba! <bulba at> writes:
> I'll soon start development of a specialized small app and need 
> to choose GUI for it. 
> I have narrowed the choice to wxPython/PythonCard and QT/PyQT 

What does the app need to do?  I'd try to make it web based unless
there's a good reason not to.  That's even if it just runs on the
user's desktop; run the http listener on the localhost and let the
user connect to it with a browser.  

However, between those two you mention, wxPython seems easier to use
and runs on more platforms.  On the other hand, it may be less well
maintained than QT.  For example, its current installation script
seems to assume an older version of GTK is installed, and it fails
with newer GTK versions.
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