Wrapper objects

redhog at takeit.se redhog at takeit.se
Fri Dec 10 22:27:53 CET 2004

As to what I want to use this for, I today have a huge program in which
several objects are wrapped up with comments (made up by some DOMish
structre) which are displayed to the user at various times. For
example, a list of users may be represented as as comment "List of
users" and a python list of elements, each being a user id (represented
as an integer), with a comment being the username. This means the list
is usable both for user-output and for machine-handling. Hm, this
wasn't prolly such a good example, but hopefully, it shows enought of
the idea...

Tody, the comment-value-pair is an ordinary object with two member
variables, and there are two functions, getComment and getValue, which
extracts a comment if its argument is such an object, or None
otherwise, and the wrapped value if its argument is such an object, and
the argument itself otherwize, respectively.

This means my code is literally filled with calls to getValue(), which
I would like to be able to remove by making the comment-value pair more

The wrapper objects needs to work as dictionary keys, to support
printing, concatenation/addition, getitem/setitem and such things...

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