BASIC vs Python

Mike Meyer mwm at
Fri Dec 17 02:25:09 CET 2004

"Philippe C. Martin" <philippecmartin at> writes:

>>>and it was the only interpreter I've ever used that had no compilation
>>>phase whatsoever) is no easier to deal with than compiled C. Ditto for
>>>the various flavors of LISP I've worked with.
> I do find working with an interpreter easier than with a compiler.  A _long_ 
> time ago, I recall a boss telling me that I should write 5 lines of C a day 
> and compile/debug them twice at most (since it was so slow to get the stuff 
> compiled/linked anyway).

Have you tried working with an interpreter without an interactive mode?

And if your compiled code takes more than a few seconds to build the
program, then somethings wrong. Either your files are to big, or your
build system sucks.

> _one_ of the reasons why I intend to stick with python is because it's 
> interpreted/interactive

I still wish it had a compiler. My favorite work environment ever was
a Scheme system coupled with emacs. I'd write functions in emacs, ship
them to schem for instant evaluation and run a test. When I was done,
I'd compile the results to get a nice, fast binary. I've got all that
in Python, except the compiler.

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