Python for Series 60 update

Tim Hoffman timh at
Thu Dec 23 16:56:29 CET 2004


Jukka Laurila wrote:
> On Thu, 23 Dec 2004 06:52:28 +0800, Tim Hoffman <timh at> wrote:
>>I did find a problem with it on my 7610.
>>It works, but I had to hard code my bluetooth mac address (I assume
>>thats what it is called in bluetooth).  The bt_discover() call
>>didn't seem to find my host.
> How did it fail? Did it simply not show your computer in the list or
> did it hang indefinitely when connecting to it? Bluetooth discovery
> has always been problematic, but connecting to a host directly using
> the mac address has worked perfectly for months now. (I am one of the
> developers in this project.)

It always came back saying there where no bluetooth devices around.
Interestingly if I then ran ControlFreak (bluetooth remote control for 
Winamp) it would connect to the HyperTerm that was still running.

So I am at a bit of a loss as to why the bt_discover call never found
the host

Also normal sync type operations where working fine (as in install apps

I will try again on the discover but connecting to the host directly is
enough for me at the moment.


> Try doing the discovery again. Sometimes the phone just magically
> discovers hosts it did not see ten seconds earlier. The discovery will
> also fail if there already is a Bluetooth connection open, for example
> the PC Suite can leave connections open that mess up the
> discovery. You can force all connections to be terminated by turning
> bluetooth on and off from the phone menu.
>>from the console I could immediatly do xml-rpc calls
>>to my favourite Zope/CMF instance over GPRS and it just worked.
>>This is cool.
> Yes, very :)

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