3D plotting library / OpenGL

Mike C. Fletcher mcfletch at rogers.com
Wed Dec 8 05:20:04 CET 2004

I've got a collection of 3D libraries here:

My own OpenGLContext would likely handle what you've described.  It's 
scenegraph based, can handle fairly large-ish worlds, allows for writing 
mouse-over and mouse-click handlers.  It has text support using either 
2D or 3D text, and can load VRML97 for defining geometry (spheres, 
crosses, and the like).  It runs under wxPython, GLUT, PyGame, or (with 
some limitations) Tkinter.

On the other hand, scientific visualisation *isn't* it's focus, so one 
of the items from the science category might be more appropriate.

Anyway, HTH,

Andrew Dalke wrote:

>I've been looking for a decent 3D plotting library with support
>for user selection that works under OpenGl, preferable with wxPython.

>What I was hoping for was a toolkit that worked cross-platform
>and assumed OpenGL is available, leaving me to pass it the
>OpenGL context and a few other essentials, or something that
>made a scene graph that I could render as I wish.
  Mike C. Fletcher
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