Python IDE

David JH davidjh at
Tue Dec 28 20:06:29 CET 2004

On the subject.... can somebody here who uses SPE (or just has some
python knowledge) help me out with the installation process?  I tried
following but end
up with the error:

python /c/system/python24/Lib/site-packages/_spe/
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/c/system/python24/Lib/site-packages/_spe/", line
1, in ?
import info
File "/c/system/python24/Lib/site-packages/_spe/", line 1, in
import os,sys,sm.osx
ImportError: No module named sm.osx

interestingly enough there is an in
PYTHON_DIR/Lib/site-packages/sm so I figure I may just have python
configured poorly somehow.  Any ideas on where I should look?

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