Need help on program!!!

Miklós P jegenye2001 at
Sun Dec 5 01:59:02 CET 2004

"Dan Perl" <danperl at> wrote in message
news:I7-dnVVVF8squizcRVn-2g at
> I'm not sure what you mean by "benignity" here, but I think I agree with
> you.  Sympathy for TAs is not really my reason for how I feel towards

I meant that I think the real (or long term) interest of the OP is to
*learn* things as opposed to
(the short term interest in) submitting that homework without his devoting
any effort.

> reason to give him the solution).  I guess that is not the best argument I
> could have made.
> Dan

Yes, I agree and I had thought you actually meant it similarly like I do.

 Best regards,

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