Complementary language?

Mike Meyer mwm at
Mon Dec 27 04:50:49 CET 2004

aleaxit at (Alex Martelli) writes:

> Objective-C is cool... on the Mac; I'm not sure how well-supported it is
> elsewhere, though.  In addition to C's advantages, it would let you make
> Cocoa GUIs on the Mac easily (with PyObjC &c).  But then, the right way
> to study Obj-C from scratch is no doubt to start with C, anyway.

Objective-C is part of the Gnu Compiler Collection. As such, it's
probably easy to find a working compiler. But I agree - you probably
want to start with C.

As an aside, if you want to study Eiffel, the book to buy is _Object
Oriented Software Construction_, second edition, by Bertrand
Meyer. Everybody doing OO software should read this book, as the
lessons about constructing inheritance hierarchies are invaluable,
even if the language won't enforce them for you.

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