[Re: newbie question]

Doug Holton no at spam.please
Wed Dec 22 22:42:15 CET 2004

Ed Leafe wrote:
>     You've missed the obvious: it's 'criticism' or 'observation' when it 
> comes from Doug, but it's a 'flame' when it is directed at Doug.
>     Unless there is something more substantial then whining, howzabout 
> we all just ignore it and let it die a quick death?

It's amazing how many of you guys try this - spew some filth and then 
beg people to stop the thread right now.

Speaking of Ed Leafe:
"    You might want to check out Dabo, an application framework of which 
I am one of the authors."

What are you selling?

"We offer one-on-one live phone, chat, or on-site support at an hourly 
rate, with a minimum charge of one hour plus phone charges or travel 
costs. Contact the authors (Ed Leafe and Paul McNett) for more information."

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