Jerome Chan eviltofu at
Mon Dec 6 01:03:51 CET 2004

I wrote something called PajamaScript. Basically, it parses a text
file and looks for <pj> tags. Then it calls python to handle the
scripting. Why learn another language when you already know Python?

<title>This is fun!</title>
The Date is <pj module="misc" function="zdate" / >.<br>
The Time is <pj module="misc" function="ztime" / >.<p>

<pj module="database" function="generateTableOfResults" / >

PajamaScript then calls the function "zdate" in module "misc" and the
output replaces the tag. This is not really tested in any production
system, just a proof of concept I did for a project that never
materialized. In order to access cgi variables, you can use the cgi
module or any other python module! Would this be useful to anyone?

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