Complementary language?

beliavsky at beliavsky at
Sun Dec 26 14:11:40 CET 2004

Robert Kern wrote:
>If you do numeric calculations, learning just enough FORTRAN to do
>and math can be quite useful. I find that F2PY makes writing FORTRAN
>subroutines for numerical calculations over Numeric arrays much easier

>than C.

I agree with this and would add that Fortran, from the 1990 standard
onwards, is one of the few compiled languages that support both array
operations and multidimensional array slices, like the Python Numeric
and Numarray modules (and lists for 1-D arrays). There is a free
Fortran 95 compiler called g95 at .

In some ways, the syntax of Python is closer to free format Fortran
than C.

Maybe the message
I wrote with comparative statistics on some programming languages could
be informative.

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