Python Win32 Silent Install

Thomas Heller theller at
Wed Dec 1 21:10:38 CET 2004

"Matt Gerrans" <matt.gerrans at> writes:

> Looks like the installer for the Win32 extensions has changed from Wise to 
> distutils, so now my automated silent installations don't work anymore. 
> Anyone know if the distutils binary installer can be run silently?    I 
> haven't been able find a command line reference for distutils binaries (I'm 
> still sifting through, though...).

There are no command line options for the distutils created installer,
and silent installation is not possible.

> Maybe there is a better way to do an unattended install of the Win32 
> extensions (that is, perhaps without using the binary)?

I should be quite easy to write a Python script that opens the binary as
a zipfile, and then does what the gui does without showing a gui.


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