from vb6 to Python

Luis M. Gonzalez luismgz at
Mon Dec 13 00:34:48 CET 2004

Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Unfortunately this is currently not near production use, and whether
> Microsoft is funding IronPython development is up in the air:

It's true that he Ironpython's mailing list is a little bit innactive,
but this is just because there's only one person in charge of
Ironpython at this moment (although Microsoft was looking to hire a new
developer to help on this). However, the innactivity is due to the fact
that Jim Hugunin, its developer, has begun working for MS just a couple
of months ago, and as he says, there are tons of new CLR features to
learn that are applicable to dynamic languages.

You should also give credit to Jim: he's the man who developed Jython,
which is a complete inplementation of Python written in Java.
He also created Numeric and co-authored Aspect, another programming
So I'm sure that Ironpython will be a reality soon, and a very good

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