Python mascot proposal

Luis M. Gonzalez luismgz at
Mon Dec 13 00:49:19 CET 2004

Hey Dimitri,

I completely agree with you in that Python needs once for all a cool
I like your design very much, but I have a few thoughts about it:

1) I think that Python's logo should reflect its power.
If we use a mascot as its image, we would be giving the wrong idea:
that Python is a "toy" language, instead of a very good alternative to
other mainstream languages.

2) We should also bear in mind Guido's oppinion about using a snake for
identifying Python.

3) And finally, we should consider it very seriously. Image is not
everything, but it is very important for "marketing" a product. I'm
sure that if Java didn't have a cool name and a cool logo, it wouldn't
have been that succesfull.

I don't mean to sound like I'm rejecting your idea. I really like it
alot, and it is an excellent mascot.
It's just that I wouldn't use a mascot... I'd rather use a more
"killer" image.
Something that reflects power and excellence.

What do you think?

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