Linguistic challenge: name this program

Robert Brewer fumanchu at
Sun Dec 5 16:34:39 CET 2004

Andre Roberge wrote:
> In 1981, Richard Pattis wrote a delightful little book titled "Karel
> the Robot, a Gentle Introduction to the Art of Programming." Pattis's
> "Karel the Robot" was named after the author Karel Capek, who
> popularized the word "robot" in his play "Rossum's Universal Robots".
> Pattis's approach was to introduce a robot who could follow 5 basic
> instructions and be taught to accomplish tasks of increasing
> complexity.
> A few years ago, a first implementation of "Karel the Robot" in Python
> was created and called PyKarel. A second, newer implementation is
> called Guido van Robot (GvR for short), and is available at
> Work is currently underway by the developpers of
> GvR to produce a new-and-improved version.
> I have been working on my own (better ;-) version (sometimes
> collaborating with the GvR folks) in order to learn Python. It is now
> 90% finished. It is meant to be a complete environment to learn about
> programming concepts, from simple sequences of instruction to OOP.
> Given the origin of Pattis's name (Rossum's Universal Robot) and the
> name of Python's BDFL, I find it difficult to think of a better name
> than Guido van Robot to name a programming environment in which one
> uses Python to teach a robot new tricks! (Hat's off to Steve Howell
> for this one). Yet, I want a "clever" name for my version.
> Any suggestions?

RUR? Perhaps might give you
more ideas.


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