PyQT installation

Jorge Luiz Godoy Filho godoy at
Thu Dec 30 17:59:19 CET 2004

Steve Holden, Quinta 30 Dezembro 2004 14:13, wrote:

> If that is a real *never* then Qt just fell behind in the "what's the
> best GUI platform" stakes. It'd be a shame to lose PyQT, but if there's
> no way to migrate it forwards it will atrophy and die. Have TrollTech
> said they will never issue MSVC 7 binaries?

"non-commercial" binaries he said...  I hope it is just the non-commercial
really, 'cause the look & feel of Qt is very nice.
> Is there no way to use the free Microsoft toolchain to compile, or do
> the language differences just make the whole deal too difficult (or is
> there some other show-stopper that my ignorance prevents me from seeing?).

Isn't it possible to compile everything with a free compiler?  I'm not a
Windows user, but... :-)

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