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> Then came Brad Cox's book.

I read it.

> Then there was Glockenspiel's C++ for PC in about '87 or '88.

I didn't PC in those days.  I Unixed.

> And, of  course, cfont on unix from about, what, '85?

That's about when I got it.  I used to chat with B.S. on the phone,
discussing and proposing features.  Now he's rich and famous.  Me?  Would
you believe rich?  How about not destitute?

> Across the late '80s there was, of course, Eiffel which seemed a
> remarkable piece of work for the time. And was backed by a terrific book
> by Myer.

I puzzled long over whether to adopt C++ or Eiffel at the company I was with
at the time.  I went with C++, dispite the fact that cfront was slow as
death and buggy.  C++ made it bigtime and the company went public.  Lucky
guesses?  Hah!

Ah, nostalgia isn't what it used to be.


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